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Fancy Boy, a new six-part sketch comedy show, commenced production in Melbourne this week.

The show, which has grown out of the three year Fresh Blood initiative to uncover exciting new talent, finds comedy in the stranger corners of suburbia: in the couple whose communication breakdown leads to a kidnap; in the artist who loses everything over his obsession with fart sounds; in the mum who struggles to accept her missing teen back into the family, mainly because he returns with a full beard and a foreign accent.

It’s twisted and tender, a comedy that lives somewhere between the moody and the downright dark. It’s an itch that starts out small, but quickly turns into a weeping sore and before you realise it, you’re all out of anti-fungal cream.

ABC’s Head of Entertainment, Jon Casimir, said “Fancy Boy made their name as a transgressive and weird live act, willing to go to places others wouldn’t. But what really marks their work is not just the boldness of their intent, it’s the heart and insight that underpins it. Fancy Boy sketches make you laugh but surprisingly, they also make you feel.”

Executive producer Stuart Menzies says, “Their live show was reviewed as ‘crude, disturbing and offensive’. We’ve think we’ve kept that spirit intact.”

Executive Vice President NBCUniversal’s Digital Enterprises and head of US streaming comedy channel Seeso, Evan Shapiro, says “The Fancy Boys are the freshest set of sketch voices I’ve seen in a long time – they are a whole new level of weird, even by Australian standards.’

Fancy Boy introduces five fresh faces to sketch comedy (actually they’re not that fresh, in fact some of them look quite unwell), John Campbell, Stuart Daulman, Greg Larsen, Henry Stone and Jonathan Schuster (but please do not give out any of these names to Social Security). And for this series they are joined by award winning comedian Anne Edmonds.

Fancy Boy will premiere on the ABC in Australia and Seeso in the USA late 2016.

Fancy Boy is produced by Nicole Minchin, series produced by Declan Fay, executive produced by Stuart Menzies and directed by Colin Cairnes.

A December Media production in association with Checkpoint Media and Fancy Boy TV Principal financier Screen Australia developed and produced in association with ABCTV and Film Victoria.