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December Media starts production on the Big One, as big as it gets!


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December Media starts production on the Big One, as big as it gets!



July 13, 2012 – While a supercomputer in Melbourne turns new data into a 3D simulation of the evolution of the universe, producer Stephen Amezdroz will shoot live action scenes in some of the highest, driest and remotest places on the planet for a new giant-screen film called HIDDEN UNIVERSE (working title).  The film, is the product of a unique partnership between December Media and Swinburne University’s world-renowned Centre of Astrophysics and Supercomputing. Russell Scott of Swinburne 3D Productions at the Centre will direct the film.

The film will be distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the world’s most distinguished distributors of Imax films.

“We’re making a film about what lies within the gaze of the new generation of telescopes,” explains Amezdroz.  “Hidden Universe will reveal as never before the incredible links between our own nature and the rest of the universe and the possibility of life on other planets – giving audiences a dramatic new view of the cosmos.”

With production taking place in July and August in Chile and Australia, the Australia-based filmmakers will employ computer-generated imagery, remastered telescopic images and cutting edge new data to create simulations of the cosmos and its beginnings.  From imagery obtained from telescopes such as Hubble, the VLT (Very Large Telescope) and ALMA Telescope in Chile, December Media will create 3D giant-screen images of celestial structures such as the Whirlpool Galaxy, Crab Nebula and many others. The film will also visualize for audiences what telescopes “see” in multi-wavelength revealing previously unseen forms such as pulsars and stellar nurseries.

“Space films have a long and successful track record at the box office and Hidden Universe promises to continue that trend,” said Bob Harman, Director of Distribution at MacGillivray Freeman Films.  “The many dome screens and space centers in our industry are especially pleased the film is being developed.”

Amezdroz expressed one simple aim for the film, “I would like the audience to take the time and look up, and realize they are part of this amazing universe.”

HIDDEN UNIVERSE is slated for release in 2013.