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Grey Voyagers


Grey Voyagers


Grey Voyagers


(DVD Box including 3 DVDs, 6 x 30 mins)

There are more people in the world today over 60 years old than there has ever been before. They are living in their “Third Age” and despite their rapidly increasing numbers, there are few older “role models” to whom they may look for inspiration… Until now.

Grey Voyagers is a unique six-part travel and adventure series, featuring the remarkable stories of six ordinary “older people” making extraordinary journeys to far-flung parts of the globe. Their adventures takes us to the frozen Antarctic wilderness, across the broad expanse of the United States, motorcycling through the spectacular vistas of Nepal, sailing among the lush tropical islands of the Caribbean, into the ancient landscapes of Northern Iran and the devastation of East Timor.

These “Grey Voyagers” have inspirational stories that challenge traditional “stay at home” stereotypes of ageing, and celebrate the amazing possibilities all of us can look forward to in our “Third Age”.

Directed by Steve Westh. Produced by Tony Wright and Stuart Menzies.

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